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Who is LadyKme?

Camille Gendron is an independent, self-representing artist whose works include fashion design unique creation, and distributes the beautiful French lingerie brand Allande.

Camille combines her background in the Social Work profession as a former Occupational Therapist with her love of expressing joy by creating colorful unique dresses, skirts, belts, etc. She relies on her intuitive skills and insight to capture the joy; that she feels, and translate it onto her creations. After attending the Georges Brown college Fashion Design program in Toronto in 2019, she began sharing her work in local shows and on her own website.

In 2010 Camille and her family decided to cross the Atlantic… so they left Toulouse in France and moved first to Montreal in Quebec and then Toronto in Ontario. She left her full-time position as an occupational therapist, and after few experiences in the social community, decided to embrace the fashion world to showcase her artistic know-how.

Camille loves to spend time in Brittany where her family remains and always has a bag of art supplies ready in hand. She lives with her husband Sebastien, her daughter Charlotte, and her friends, enjoying their time in Toronto.


  • Colorful, spotty, and full of contrast, there comes the LadyKme tastes.
  • Patterns tissues that give color to life.
  • Back to basics, using natural fabrics and a clever recycling spirit.
  • Provide a second life to your old garments by doing creative restoration.